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About Kracada.com

Kracada.com is Africa’s top leading job search engine. We make it our goal to bring to you job openings. Now, not just any job opening but verified jobs as well. We don’t just stop there. We make it our duty to see that as a job seeker, you are equipped with all it takes to become better employable through various online and offline learning opportunities, career advice and articles tailored to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

The answer is No. We are more than just a Recruitment Agency. However, we also meet Recruitment needs. As an employer or HR Manager, you can sign up to Krhrpro.com for all your Recruitment needs. There, you can shop for CV’s and search for talent that have been tested by our in-house Consultants. Both solutions are powered by Kimberly Ryan Limited which is a HR Consulting Company aimed at meeting all your HR needs from Outsourcing to HR Strategy.

Yes, we do!This is another selling point which keeps us as a top leading search engine. As you log into the Home Page, you see our Accelerate Your Career section which is filled with handpicked and carefully selected articles, vlogs and news which are intended to build your career.

Can I advertise on the Kracada.com website?

Absolutely! You can advertise your job postings or vacancies and products and services. For more details please send an email to contactus@kracada.com or call +234 818 453 2278.

Getting Started with Kracada.com

At Kracada.com, we don’t just bring the verified jobs to you. We go a step further by making you more employable to recruiters and companies searching for candidates. You have access to career advice from HR Consultants who have vast experience and knowledge with Recruitment and Placement, discounted online and offline learning opportunities that will equip you with soft and technical skills to take on new or existing roles all at the touch of a button.

There are no special qualifications or requirements needed to register to Kracada.com. Under My Career, you will be asked (optional, of course) to fill in some details about yourself or take some free personality tests. This is to give Recruiters on Krhrpro.com an insight into the type of candidate you are.

Not a thing. Registration is free!!!

Kracada.com is web based. This means that you can access it from any device – mobile device through the Download Mobile App function or internet browser, PC, Laptop or Tablet. If you are using a public system, always remember to log out completely to avoid a security breach from a stranger who can access it.

It is possible to find the same job openings on Kracada.com on other job portals. Nevertheless, our parent company – Kimberly Ryan Limited – is a trusted Human Resources consulting firm for Recruitment services. This makes our reach to Verified Jobs and Employers much stronger than the others.

Yes, it does. Employers who employ part time for Industrial Trainings positions will advertise such job openings on Kracada.com. As an undergraduate, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity if it applies to you. Secondly, Kracada.com understands that as a New Graduate, building a CV can be a challenge. Why not let our experienced Consultants assist you with this in preparation for future job openings?

Account Registration with Kracada.com

Easy. You can create an account with Kracada.com by clicking here.

Sit down, relax and enjoy as Kracada.com works for you by bringing you the freshest job openings and other bonus services.

Yes, it is. Your details will remain confidential.

You have the authority to choose the degree of privacy you want at Kracada.com. You can either hide your contact information from all employers/ recruiters, show your contact information to employers to whom you have applied only or show your contact information to all employers.

This most likely means that you are on the registration page, please click on the following link www.kracada.com/login. Type in your username and password (the email address that you used to register and the password that was sent in your Welcome email).

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on 'Forgot your password?' option. An email will be sent to the mail address which was used to register. Simply follow the instructions.

Yes, you can. Upon registration, your ‘Resume Manager’ allows you to upload your CV and updated versions of it.

Once you send your resume, it will be sent to the Employer who will then begin their own hiring process. If you are a successful match for the role, you will be contacted by the Employer.

A Job Alert is the notification you get on your device and Kracada account when jobs matching your current profile are posted by Recruiters and Employers.

When you log in to your account, there is a section called ‘Edit personal details’. This allows you to make any updates or edits needed.

No! Kracada.com does not collect any commission fee or cut from your Employer as a result of a vacancy role filled.

Need to improve your skills to get you more employable? Head to the kracademy site!