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We Offer You More Than Just Jobs.

About Kracada.com

  • Kracada.com was created with the sole purpose of being the solution to unemployment in Africa. We believe we an achieve this through our innovative and creative teams that are dedicated to aid simplicity and improve experience of all our users and job seekers. Kracada.com which was built on the solid foundation laid by Kimberly Ryan Limited, has tried to stay true to Kimberly Ryan's core mission - To lead in attracting, developing and retaining superior human capital that creates a dramatic advantage for our clients. For over 20 years, Kimberly Ryan has been offering Recruitment solutions to clients around Africa. Kracada.com is tapping into the age of technology to ensure that job seekers out there are given every fair advantage to make them more employable. We are changing the way people experience job search and we are giving extra value through skills enhancement tips, practices and learning.

The Kracada.com Mission

  • To connect job seekers to verified jobs, quality learning and expert career advise

The Kracada.com Belief

  • We believe that every job seeker deserves to get their dream jobs.
  • We believe that every job seeker can be more employable with skill enhancement through quality learning, expert career advice and a strong mentorship/buddy system.
  • We believe that you can take charge of your career growth.

The Kracada.com Guiding Principles

  • We are enthusiastic about building strong partnerships with our job seekers through our 'Kracada Buddy' system.
  • We strive to be a formidable force behind learning. Through our Kracademy, we strive to be your place to learn.
  • We go all-out to provide effective, timely, personalized, professional and extraordinary service to all job seekers who come on the Kracada.com portal.

Here's how Kracada.com works for you


Search Verified Jobs

Kracada.com offers you loads of verified jobs. We already know that job search is a hassle, why not let us help reduce that burden. Browse your dream jobs on our platform and enjoy the career you've always wanted.


Get sound learning experience

Kracada.com is huge on learning and its continuity. Our Kracademy is here to ensure that you have access to learning interventions both online and onsite. These interventions are to develop your skills on your career path.


Be more employable

Kracada.com has got you covered here. Our mission is to ensure that you leave every interview with a high chance of getting the job. Through our expert career advice, buddy system and resume services, what employer won't want to hire you?

Become a Kracada Member!

We know looking for that dream job does not come easy. However, we can help you achieve this . .we know we can because this is what we are known for. Sign up on Kracada.com then upload your CV's so employers can find you easily. Get access to our various learning interventions, free career advice, your personal career buddy and CV services here!

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